Established in 1971
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We are engaged in offering Repair and Sales services for variety of Gauges & Measuring Instruments. Our team of well-trained and experienced engineers are expert in correcting any kind of faults pertaining to these products. We are specialised in supply of Precision measuring instruments, tools & spares.  Providing premium service at a competitive cost is our main objective. We pride ourselves on a total commitment to our customers needs, providing personalized service, fast turnaround and technical support.

We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Trading agency in PANCHKULA for Measuring Instruments, such as Dial Gauges, Micrometers, Verniers, Height Gauges, Bore Gauges, Ring Gauges, Plug Gauges, Snap Gauges etc. (of Mitutoyo, Baker, Precision, True Size,Tesa,Mahr) 

We are also supplying accessories like:-

Bore Gauge Accessories 

  • Bore Gauge extention 50mm • Carbide Anvils of all sizes • Carbide contact Point of all sizes • Anvil Nut • Cam & Driving Pin • Guide & Rollers 
  • Washers (Spacers) of all sizes 

Accessories for Dial Test Indicator 

  • Contact Point Carbide (ɸ0.5,0.7,1,2,3 mm) • Contact Point Steel (ɸ0.5,0.7,1,2,3 mm) • Swivel Clamps • Stems with Knurled clamp Ring • Bezel Glass 

Vernier Caliper Accessories 

  • Stopper & Locking Screw • Needle • Thumb Screw 
  • Copper Jib 
  • Glass 

Plunger Dial Accessories 

  • Bezel Glass • Point • Needles • Scale • Gear & Spindle 
  • Back Plate 
  • Dial Extension • Special Points 

Height Gauge Accessories 

  • Carbide bit Scribers • Scriber Clamps 

Micrometer Accessories 

  • Ratchet • Lock • Spanner • Standard Bars (25, 50 mm) • Spindle • Discs for disc Micrometer • Special Points for Point Micrometer 
  • Carbide Anvil Bit 
  • Battery Cover